Holy Family Parish

Professional architectural services

Holy Family Parish was formed in 1968. However, since its inauguration the Parish has been meeting in the school assembly hall. In 1997, permission was granted for the erection of a new church for the Parish.

Though the brief called for a modern building suitable for the new liturgy, there was also a feeling in the Parish that the church should have a traditional feel and following the long period sharing the school, there was a need for a building which was obviously a ‘sacred space’. The Diocesan brief also asked for a multi-use building, which would double as a community centre.

The new church building, which is 285 sqm, is formed using traditional materials around a steel portal frame structure and the brickwork was carefully designed to give a subtle banding effect. As a result the main space is very much a traditional nave. Our clients were the Shrewsbury R.C. Dioceses.